Nigeria president no longer need to travel abroad for treatment

Aisha Buhari: Nigeria Presidents Won’t Travel Abroad For Treatment

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Future presidents and their families won’t travel abroad for medical care, according to the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, who also announced the opening of the N21 billion Presidential Wing of the State House Medical Center.

This was said by Aisha when she joined President Muhammadu Buhari and other dignitaries on Friday in Abuja for the facility’s commissioning ceremony. The facility is located on the grounds of the Presidential Villa.

After her husband’s prolonged stay in London for medical treatment in 2017, Aisha claimed that she first began to consider the notion of a Presidential Wing.

Remember that the president’s 104-day medical journey to London in May 2017 was his longest trip since taking office.

The leaving First Lady stated that now that the facility is operational, Nigerian Presidents and their families may merely fly medical professionals to Abuja to assist their colleagues rather than making pricey excursions.

“I’m quite happy, feeling fulfilled,” she remarked. We praise God that the project was completed even if we are departing.

“I’ve chosen it for six years now. This initiative was started by me six years ago, when my spouse spent three continuous months away from home. And it shouldn’t be because Nigeria is home to all the experts. All we need is a sturdy foundation.

The number of patients being treated in the hospital that is supposed to be for the First Family is around 35,000, which is a lot.

I requested that we build a VIP Wing close to the presidential residence because of this.

Yes, she replied. This one is for the First Family’s health and wellbeing. Now they don’t need to travel abroad. To assist our people, they might just need to fly in professionals. And you do.

Therefore, there is no need for any leader to travel for extended periods of time for medical reasons.

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