Aki has expressed his dismay at the rising number of internet beggars.

Aki Has Expressed His Dismay At The Rising Number Of Internet Beggars.

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The well-known actor Chinedu Ikedieze, best known by his stage as Aki, who gave us priceless childhood memories with Pawpaw, has expressed his dismay at the rising number of internet beggars.

The talented actor lamented the countless Instagram users who were slipping aid requests into his Direct Message (DM).

On Sunday, July 9, the actor said in a video posted on his Facebook that someone had messaged him asking for $35,000 and another had asked for $12,000 in a separate message.
He bemoaned that one of his admirers had begged him for $35,000 (N26m), and expressed shock at the fan’s audacity.

The actor emphasized that bizarre financial requests are not just made by Nigerians.

In these difficult times, he advised social media users to keep in mind that celebrities are also individuals with duties. He couldn’t just go about catering to people’s requests, he said.
‘’This situation is out of control. How do you get Bank of Industry to switch on my DM? When I open my direct message, it’s always “Oga, please, please.” Jesus! It is excessive.

The way you guys plead makes it seem as though we have no obligations.
I’ll run out of money if I start splitting it up like that.

Imagine if I was being begged for $35,000 by someone.

How much is it in Naira? Twenty-something million, roughly.

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