AY has stated that he does not consider himself to be one of Nigeria's top 20 funniest comedians.

AY: I Do Not Consider Myself As Nigeria’s Top 20 Funniest Comedian

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Award-winning comedian and director Ayodeji Makun(AY) has stated that he does not consider himself to be one of Nigeria’s top 20 funniest comedians.

In a recent interview with Teju Babyface, he made this claim.

The comic actor acknowledged that the critiques have improved him while chastising those who have criticized his comedic abilities for their harsh remarks on blogs and social media.

When reading blogs and entering comments, AY observed, “Sometimes, you see something like, ‘I don’t think this man humorous.’

They are aware that we have read these remarks. I can’t even stand him, some people may say. You know what’s funny? These factors combined in a way that pushes you beyond sadness, where they want you to be.

I notice it after reading it. I’ll say, “Okay, you’ve got some work to do.” You must work on yourself. You must improve, too.

And another thing I tell people is that, if I had to name up to 20 of the funniest men in the business, I wouldn’t even include AY. I’m not going to go through with it. And I want people to know that just because I don’t put myself there doesn’t mean that’s where someone else is placing me.

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