Bashir Ahmad, responded to Davido choice

Bashir Ahmad Warn Davido Over Jaye Lo Video

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Bashir Ahmad, a former advisor to ex-President Muhammadu Buhari, responded to David Adeleke’s (a.k.a. Davido) choice to remove a brief segment from the contentious video of his signee, Logos Olori’s new single “Jaye Lo,” which Davido published on Twitter.

The well-known artist posted a video of some people dancing and worshiping in front of a mosque.

The song was widely condemned, and many urged the singer to take it down and apologize to Muslims for “disrespecting” their religion.
After first dismissing the complaints, Davido removed the “offensive” video, as Ahmad put it, from his page over the weekend.

The lawmaker from Kano and former candidate for the House of Representatives responded to the incident by saying it was encouraging to hear that Davido had “deleted the offensive and hurtful video.”

We sincerely recommend that the same severe error should never happen again from him or anyone else, and we hope that the entire moment will be erased from the actual footage before it is released to the market.

Let’s make an effort to respect each other’s values and opinions and to listen with empathy and an open heart.

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