Burna Boy, a Nigerian musician, has implied that the Grammys' new "Best African Music Performance" category was created as a result of him.
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‘Best African Music Performance’ category was established by the Grammys as a result of me. Burna Boy exclaims.

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Burna Boy, a Nigerian afrofusion musician, has implied that the Grammys’ new “Best African Music Performance” category was created as a result of him.

Burna Boy claimed he felt “responsible” for the introduction of the new African music category. His record, “Twice As Tall,” won the “Best Global Music Album” category at the 63rd Grammy Awards.

This was said by the self-described “African Giant” in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times.

But he questioned if the newly established “Best African Music Performance” would be given any respect.

“I do feel a little bit responsible for the new ‘Best African Music Performance’ category, which is nice,” Burna Boy stated.

What is it truly, nevertheless, at the same time? It’s a solace category, right? Will it have the same stature? I’m waiting to find out.

According to DAILY POST, the Grammys added a category for “Best African Music Performance” in June.

The category is accessible to both modern and traditional African music, such as Afrobeats, Afropop, Amapiano, High Life, Fuji, etc., according to the award’s organizers.

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