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Bola Tinubu: You Can Dictate On Social Media On, I Can’t Refund Governor Wike

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President-elect Bola Tinubu has challenged his social media detractors to continue saying anything they want on different online platforms, claiming that it is a free speech culture.

Tinubu reiterated that the reason he told Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike that he would not reimburse the cost of the flyovers he built in Rivers was that he couldn’t make any guarantee until he was sworn in as President.

Tinubu reprised the debate with Wike at a gala in his honor on Wednesday night, remarking that it elicited a lot of emotions on social media.

However, the former Lagos State Governor stated that he has been called every name under the sun on social media and that he does not respond to social media criticisms.

“I had a banter with Gov Wike, if you take me seriously, (it’s up to you”),” he says. The fact is that I am the President-elect. I cannot sign for expenditures until I am sworn in. How can I make a decision? I am unable to sign any Nigerian money or spending right now. At any one moment, there can only be one president.

“If you want me to go and commit to things that are only expectations and cannot be met, I believe in keeping commitments; that’s why I’m here.” And we must do so for the sake of Nigeria.

I appreciate you everybody for your support during the election, but I’m still on the clock.

“I can’t pay if I sign anything for you now and commit to it.” How can I pay for that flyover, personally? That is not feasible.

“I hope that allayed your social media anxieties.” I don’t reply to (social media discussions). There is no name I haven’t been called on social media. It’s a free speech culture, and it exists all around the world.”

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