Broda Shaggi got to movie nomination

Broda Shaggi Got Two Movie Nominations In AMVCA Industry

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Samuel Animashaun Perry, also known as Broda Shaggi, is a content producer, comedian, and actor who has got two nominations in the same category for this year’s AMVCA.

He was nominated for “Best Actor in a Comedy” for both his roles in “Survivors” and “Inside Life.”
He had great expectations for what is still to come after winning the same category of “Best Actor in a Comedy” in the previous edition for his remarkable performance in Kayode Kasum’s “DWINDLE.”

“I am quite appreciative of my career as a performer so far. God’s grace and devotion to my artistic endeavors are the reasons I am here today. Every award nomination, in my opinion, should serve as a catalyst for innovation and improvement. I have high hopes for my brand to continue to succeed. said Shaggi.
He expressed his response to the unprecedented nominations by saying, “Honestly, I didn’t even see it at first since my attention was simply fixated on one nomination. My manager was the one who alerted me to it. Such a degree of development fuels my excitement for artistic endeavors.

It is a motivating aspect that I want to expand. I appreciate being a part of both movies, and I thank the producers and directors.”
The additional actors up for awards in this category include Nosa Afolabi (The Razz Guy), Kunle Idowu (Unintentional), Adokiye Horsfall (Inside Life), Nkem Owoh (Battle on Buka Street), Charles Etubiebi (Just Friends), Charles Inojie (City Hustlers), Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki and Pawpaw), and Nedu Ani (Inside Life).

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