Buhari directs all Ministers to keep working until May 29

Buhari instructed all ministers to keep workin until May 29

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President Muhammadu Buhari has instructed all of his cabinet members to stay in office until May 29, when he will be succeeded by president-elect Bola Tinubu.

On Wednesday, Lai Mohammed, the minister of information and culture, reaffirmed this.

Mohammed also mentioned the Federal Executive Council’s (FEC) continued existence.

“I just want to make this clarification,” he remarked when speaking with state house reporters. The federal executive council has not been dissolved, despite a bogus breaking news story that surfaced while we were in the chambers, according to Lai.

Actually, the president has given us the go-ahead to head back and head back to our workplaces.

The federal executive council is still very much in existence, hence it is not accurate that it has been dissolved.

“We have all been told to return to our offices and make sure we work till the end of May 29. Please disregard the false information.

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