Calm Down by Rema is the first song to spend a year in the US Billboard charts.

Calm Down By Rema Is The First Song To Spend A Year On The US Billboard Charts.

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Calm Down,’ the number-one single by Nigerian music sensation Divine Ikubor aka Rema featuring American singer Selena Gomez, has now held the top spot on the Billboard US Afrobeats Songs chart for one whole year.

The song’s astounding 52-week run at the top of the Billboard US Afrobeats Songs chart, according to Chart Data, attests to its popularity and wide appeal.

‘Calm Down’ achieved a great peak position of third on the illustrious Billboard Hot 100, but the song’s popularity also extended to the Canadian Top Songs chart, where it attained the top spot.

Rema’s influence extends beyond the Western music industry; the song “Calm Down” earned recognition by breaking a Guinness World Record. It achieved the historic distinction of becoming the first No. 1 Hit on The Official MENA Chart, demonstrating the song’s popularity in the MENA area.
The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry launched the MENA Chart on November 29, 2022, debuting it at an outstanding number-one spot.

Rema recently warned the younger generation against giving up on people too soon.

The Mavin signee acknowledged the typical chaotic temperament of the current generation while offering advice on constancy in a post on his X page on Monday.

Some of your greatest benefits can be in the care of the worst individuals you will ever meet, he warned.

Remember that there is a prize for the steady in our age of early quitters. Your presence in their lives can be the only real lesson they need. You weren’t accidentally placed under their care by God.

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