Caroline Danjuma has admitted that she once went door-to-door evangelizing

Caroline Danjuma: I Was Once An Evangelist

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Caroline Danjuma, an actress in Nollywood, has admitted that she once went door-to-door evangelizing.

She claimed to have done it nonstop for roughly a year.

In a recent interview with media personality Innih Emah, the actor revealed this.

Caroline claimed that she didn’t use fake nails or hair throughout that time.

“No [artificial] hair, no makeup, no fingernails, no toes,” she commanded. That’s all I did. Furthermore, I was evangelizing outside Farm City. I’ll carry my bible from ten to one and go out and bring people to Christ. That occurred in 2018–19.

The actress expressed her desire to one day work as a praises leader and stated she is passionate about becoming a gospel preacher.

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