Chelsea withdrawing from negotiations with the online casino Stake to become the club's new front shirt sponsor.

Chelsea Withdrawing From Online Casino Sponsoring Shirt

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Chelsea is now in talks with other businesses after withdrawing from negotiations with the online casino Stake to become the club’s new front shirt sponsor.

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust and other organizations of supporters objected to the idea of the team working with a betting company when a one-year contract with Stake was almost reached.
After the Premier League rejected a potential contract with Paramount for broadcasting rights, Chelsea has had a difficult time finding a front shirt sponsor.

Additionally, it was said that Chelsea had failed to reach an agreement with a business in the cryptocurrency industry and that the Blues had turned down an offer from Allianz.

This summer, Chelsea’s front-of-shirt deal with the telephone firm Three will come to an end. The sponsorship was worth an estimated £40 million annually.

After Roman Abramovich, the previous owner of Chelsea, was hit with fines, Three terminated their sponsorship, drawing criticism from groups of fans.
Since the planned agreement was too little to justify the reputational harm, experts were startled to see that Chelsea was seriously considering replacing Three with Stake.

No explanations have been provided as to why Chelsea has suddenly withdrawn from talks with Stake, but the news will be applauded by supporters, the Supporters’ Trust, and anti-gambling activists.

Despite pictures of an Oman Air representative smiling with new head coach Mauricio Pochettino on Tuesday night, it is known that Chelsea are still looking for a front-of-shirt sponsor and it won’t be them.

Although Oman Air looked to have some type of partnership with Chelsea, the company’s name and emblem are not anticipated to feature on the team’s uniform for the upcoming season.

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