Chinko Ekun denies fighting with Olamide

Chinko Ekun: I Never Faught With Olamide Badoo

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Chinko Ekun, a popular artist, has spoken on the rumored conflict between him and Olamide, the head of his previous record label.

Contrary to rumors that he and the YBNL head honcho are at odds, the “Able God” singer claimed that they have never engaged in physical conflict.

Olamide, he claimed, provided him the platform to become a successful artist, hence he can never defeat him.
He did, however, claim that he enjoys the perception that he is Olamide’s opponent.

This was said by Ekun in a recent Hip TV interview.

“I wonder how people think I’ll fight Olamide Baddo,” he remarked. How? E dey would constantly explode my head, almost giving me a platform as I was moving. And you believe I’ll engage in conflict with the same person? How?

I also enjoy being afraid of the unknown. I enjoy that I haven’t made any public comments about that. I enjoy that a lot of people can infer that. Therefore, I’m expressing it here: “Except for when he snatches my kpomo, there has never been a fight, there won’t be a fight, and there can never be a fight.

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