Congo: Education minister impregnates deputy, claims it’s workplace accident

Congo’s Minister of Education Impregnanted Deputy Claims It An Workplace Accident

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Tony Mwaba Kazadi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Minister of Primary, Secondary, and Technical Education, made the startling disclosure that he had been pregnant unexpectedly with Aminata Namasia the deputy miinster of Education

But he claimed it was a workplace accident.

They were both married, but after Namasia was named the National Deputy Minister of Primary, Secondary, and Technical Education in Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde’s cabinet on April 12, 2021, it is asserted that she fell in love with Kazadi.

However, a local newspaper, The Street Journal, described Namasia as having debunked the story on her Twitter page, asserting that she had a life outside of her official and public obligations that must be respected by everybody;

She asserted that the constitution of the Congo guarantees this right to all citizens.
Because it may endanger not just her relationships but also the reputations of her married male employees and their homes, she claimed that hurting her reputation shouldn’t be a practice that was tolerated.

“Political opponents can attack my opinions and political actions on the eve of the elections scheduled for December this year instead of choosing to engage in tactics that tend to smear my person,” she stated.

According to “a reliable Congolese” by the name of Nugandu, who was mentioned in The Street Journal, the story was false and that it was all political theater in the DRC.

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