Peter Obi, (LP) 2023 presidential contender, has faced harsh criticism for deleting a tweet that addressed President Bola Tinubu as "Mr President."

Criticism As Peter Obi Delete Tweet Addressing Tinubu As President

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Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) 2023 presidential contender, has faced harsh criticism for deleting a tweet that addressed President Bola Tinubu as “Mr President.”
Social media users responded to his move, with many criticizing him.
President Tinubu’s announcement is being contested by Obi, who has criticized the President’s convoy.

Obi stated in the since-deleted tweet: “Allegedly showing Mr. President travelling with a convoy of roughly 120 cars. Although I haven’t had a chance to watch the aforementioned film, my advise is still the same: leaders at all levels of government must begin making sacrifices for a better Nigeria.

Later, he took down the tweet and replaced the image of the “120-car convoy of Mr. President” with “a trending motorcade video.”

He stated in the most recent tweet: “We can’t keep encouraging others to make sacrifices without making our own. Now that the people are suffering, the leaders must make sacrifices that are visible and quantifiable at all times. We have to lead the charge in finding solutions to the suffering right now.
In response, several people on social media criticized Obi for always caving in to the demands of his “supporters,” while others criticized the LP candidate for erasing the post.

Ahmad Bashir, a senior media advisor to former President Muhammadu Buhari, condemned his behavior and said: “That was very low.

Since Peter, the previous Labour Party presidential candidate, no longer has self-control or a positive impression of himself, I genuinely feel sorry for him.
How can you take down a well-written tweet that addressed your president as Mr. President just because some individuals who seemed to be your followers intimidated and pulled you?

Temitope Ayanbisi @AyanbisiAT tweeted: “By my count, Peter Obi have deleted over 143 tweets since he broke into political limelight. Either he doesn’t think it through before “approving” those tweets, or his social media handler is that “mad man.””

@shaguolo01 said: “On the street of Twitter, reality dawned on Peter Obi and acknowledged Tinubu as Mr PRESIDENT, the musters he created everywhere came and tore him to piece, out of fear he deleted the tweet, but b4 he did that those in the screenshot department has kept this in archive for him.”

@Bolutife said: “Peter Obi will one day mistakenlky delete his Twitter handle, if care isn’t taken.”

@Sholexx_ said: “Peter Obi deleted this thread shows that he doesn’t have a mind of his own. If he had won, he’d not be in control of the country but a mere puppet that will be controlled by some nitwits. I’m so thankful he didn’t win and I’m happy he’d never become President of Nigeria.”

Taiwo Ajakaye said: “Kai, @PeterObi for the fear and backlash of online mobs deleted his tweets and recreated same in their own image according to their likeness….”

Daniel Regha said: “Peter Obi deleting the post where he addressed Tinubu as “Mr President” makes no sense; The presidential election tribunal is still ongoing, but while Nigerians await the outcome, someone is ruling. He should’ve left the post, it doesn’t mean that he acknowledge or admits defeat.”

@Woye1 wrote: “@PeterObi bro, 12 is the maximum number of President’s convoy. It is good you deleted your tweet. Delete that 70m housing deficit tweet too. Visit Enugu on Monday ooo”

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