The American woman who accuses Davido of having an affair with her, Anita Brown, has pledged to secure work visas

Davido Baby Mothers On American Work Visas All To Anita Brown

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The American woman who accuses Davido of having an affair with her, Anita Brown, has pledged to secure work visas for the singer’s other baby moms.
Anita Brown stated in tweets she posted late last night that the goal of the baby moms of the musician obtaining work visas is for them to receive what they are due from Davido.

She said that she won’t allow Davido to contact her again and will instead refer him to her attorneys.

Anita went on to say that Davido supposedly has six baby mothers, all of whom are struggling due to the fact that they are “unpaid.”

Detailed tweets are below.

“I was fighting the enemy so much,” Speaking with the adversary, I was engaged in so many fights at once that I failed to include God in this one. Let the King of Glory in! The promise is still mine, and He alone deserves all the praise.

“So many men want to be the father of my child. I’ll never have to speak to that man again! Speak to my attorneys, Bitch. Not me, HOE, all those new mums who aren’t receiving help!

“Better keep scoring hits—we need them! Hypocrite. I’ll provide work visas for all expectant mothers until they can receive what they are due. My taxes indicate that I make SMD500,000 year. I’m a unique breed! Believe me.

“I’m angry that no fans are talking shit,” I’ve experienced REAL STUFF in life, not just social media minions, therefore I’m made for this. You guys believe I’m that feeble! Lmao! No BOO!

“Good game, BAD ONE! Hoe, this is America! Men believe they may sex any woman as long as she tells them the same sob tale, and karma doesn’t turn the wheel! I am the KARMA & IDGAF of every man.

“There are roughly 6 unpaid babymothers! and battling! Speaking out in a slacker manner! just because they are unable to obtain favor from a genuine judge! SMD! I’M HERE, NOW!

By Tuesday, I’ll have a lawyer! Period! The henchmen don’t stop shooting Only fans should keep going! I’m unstoppable, girls! I’m not your typical woman! I built myself, and I don’t let anyone quiet me. The same person that a man will like since I constructed myself perfectly!

“Every single thing that tried to destroy my character, trust me, I’m going to have my lawyer in the middle,” the speaker said in reference to character assassination.

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