David Adeleke, also known as Davido, an Afrobeats icon, has disclosed that his late son Ifeanyi has a younger sibling called Dawson.

Davido: Why I Choose Music And Pot Producer

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David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, is a multi-award-winning musician and composer who has given an explanation for why he chose to be a musician rather than a music producer.

The Timeless singer said in an interview with Forbes on Wednesday that he had always preferred to work in the background when creating songs, but that changed when he realized how much better he was than many of the artists that came to record with him.

I used to be a producer, he added. I’ve always wished I could blend in with everything. I used to have an older cousin who was sort of the family musician. I’m my family’s last child. But at that time, I was quite skilled with technology.

“So, when he informed me that he is a musician, I immediately rushed to YouTube to find out how to make music. I purchased a computer, a program, and everything, and I immediately began studying on YouTube.I then began to record musicians. When I’m recording artists, one of my relatives who is constantly with me in the studio has noticed this.

According to Davido, if he heard the performer make a mistake, he would murmur, “Nah, don’t sing it like that, sing it like this. This will attract their ears more when you sing it.

“So, after doing that for a while, I was like, ‘Yo! I’m a better recorder than everyone else.”You know, maybe I should,” I thought.

“You know, maybe I should record a song,” I thought.

The celebrity insisted that the success of his debut song was what inspired him to pursue singing.

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