Why Tinubu withdrew my nomination

Dr. Maryam Shetty: Why Remove Me From Ministerial Nomination

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Dr. Maryam Shetty blamed life’s usual unpredictableness for President Bola Tinubu’s decision to remove her name from the list of ministerial nominations, but insisted she had no animosity against anybody.

She said that being nominated was a confirmation of her qualifications and a statement that the country was prepared to put young women from the most conventional areas to positions of power.
This was said in a statement released yesterday by Kano State-born Shetty, whose nomination was withdrawn and replaced by Dr. Mariya Mahmoud.

No explanation for the decision to change her name to Mahmoud’s, who is also from Kano, was provided as of the time of publication.

However, Shetty asserted that she did not view the development as a setback.

“I have discovered myself at the center of a crucial period in Nigeria’s political landscape,” she said. I am really honored that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu nominated me for a cabinet position. This constituted a big step towards a more inclusive national representation coming from the traditional, conservative regions of northern Nigeria.

“The pure happiness and pleasure I had upon being nominated were beyond words. It was an indication that our wonderful nation was prepared to accept a future in which young women like me, even from the most traditional sections of Nigeria, might assume positions of influence and power. It was also a confirmation of my ability and a nod to my vision.

“However, life’s inherent irrationality caused me to withdraw my candidacy. This could appear to be a setback to some people, but as a devoted Muslim, my faith guided my reasoning. I perceived it to be the divine will of Allah, who, in my opinion, bestows authority when and as He pleases. His schemes are always more effective than ours.

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