Emefiele: Lawyers condemn DSS, warders’ clash

DSS Clash With Warders Over Godwin Emefiele In Court

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Condemnation has followed the actions of the Department of State Services (DSS) on Tuesday during the court appearance of Godwin Emefiele, the suspended Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Emefiele was brought before the court on Tuesday for his arraignment, but after the court granted him bail and ordered that he be held at the Ikoyi facility of the Nigerian Correctional Services, the DSS rearrested and abducted him.

An altercation between DSS agents and jail guards resulted from the circumstance.

Emefiele appeared before Justice Nicholas Oweibo and was charged with two counts of possessing prohibited guns.
He was transported to court in a white Hilux vehicle with highly armed DSS agents.

Emefiele was quickly taken into the courtroom after arriving at the courthouse on Tuesday morning. Emefiele was wearing a white jalamia and appeared thin.

Emefiele, however, entered a not guilty plea after having the allegations read to him.
A request for Emefiele’s release on bail was made by the defense attorney, Joseph Daudu (SAN), together with four other senior attorneys.

However, Mrs. Nkiru Jones-Nebo, the DSS attorney, objected to the bail, claiming that she had not received a copy of the application.

However, Emefiele was granted bail in the amount of N20 million with one surety in the same amount by Justice Oweibo in a judgment.

However, the judge mandated that he be kept in the Nigeria Correctional Services’ Ikoyi detention center until the fulfillment of the bail requirements.

The trial was then postponed by the court until November 14.

But following the court sessions, there was a lot of drama as DSS agents surrounded the courthouse in an attempt to re-arrest Emefiele.

Emefiele was kept in the courtroom much past the end of the trial due to the circumstance, which resulted in a fight between DSS agents and personnel from the Nigerian Correctional Services.

The jail commander was ruffled and his uniform was ripped in the subsequent struggle for control as he was being carried toward the DSS vehicle by DSS agents who pounced on him.
Emefiele’s family members and attorneys were incensed by the circumstance and accused the DSS of breaking the law and disregarding the court.

A guy who identified himself as George and claimed to be Emefiele’s brother described the event as regrettable under a democratic system.

“For the love of God, release him on bail; three judges have ruled that he is not fleeing. Where is he going after serving our country for nine years? He’s lived in Nigeria his entire life.

It is a tremendous shame to our country, George added, for two military federal government machinery to be fighting between itself and manhandling the jail commission’s chief.

Human rights attorney Ebun Olu-Adegoruwa (SAN) expressed her disapproval of the development in an interview with The PUNCH, saying, “I believe that the President is aware of the actions of the DSS; it is giving a bad image to this administration, where security agencies are engaging in a physical altercation in open court to the extent of tearing their uniforms, which is a symbol of authority of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and desecrating the hallowed chambers

“The videos I saw today were a complete disgrace to the authority of the judiciary,” I said. “We are saying that once someone enters the courthouse grounds, they must respect the authority.”

The DSS’s reluctance to allow the correctional services to take Emefiele into their custody, according to Prof. Sam Erugo (SAN), marked another embarrassing day for the Nigerian government.

It is quite clear that the DSS is operating as if there is no rule of law in Nigeria, he said. They need to be warned that they are going too far, in my opinion.

“I believe they ought to inform them that Nigeria has a legal system,”

Okerechidum Nnamdi, another attorney, asserted that no government institution should be exempt from the law.

“They can’t be above the law because they are a product of legislation; they can’t be above the Federal Republic of Nigeria Constitution because they must act in accordance with the law,” Nnamdi added.

Leading defense attorney for the defendant Daudu also criticized the trend.

“He was hauled before the judge, and bail was granted. Vehicles from the DSS and the Correctional Service are seen. I must inform you that the guards at Ikoyi Prison are required by law to transport him there because of the delay in completing the bail terms.

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