The President-General of the Supreme Council of Traditional Tulers in Uyo was organized by failed politicians, according to Governor Umo Eno.

Failed Politicians Are Driving Conspiracy To Topple A’Ibom: Eno

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The demonstration in the state over the weekend against the installation of the President-General of the Supreme Council of Traditional Tulers in Uyo, the state capital, was organized by failed politicians, according to Akwa Ibom State Governor Umo Eno.
The governor described in full the procedure that resulted in the installation of the president-general, which, according to the governor, was approved by all 31 of the state’s local government leaders.

The governor clarified that he was not involved in the process because the agreement was already signed before he disparaged the state’s governor, and as a result, he should not be held accountable for any wrongdoing.

Eno sounded the alarm about politicians trying to destabilize the state by inflaming racial and local tensions.

In his own words, “There are a number of slurs and misunderstandings being planted in the minds of the people by those who lost the elections and who believe they can split the state by inflaming ethnic tensions. Under this government, it won’t be feasible to do that.

“The paramount rulers had a meeting before I took power. In the meeting, I only served as a witness.

Apart from those who were ill or already deceased, the state’s 31 paramount rulers met and decided that, in order for Akwa Ibom to participate in the national traditional ruler’s council, the traditional ruler’s council needed to be elevated and given a four-year term as the Supreme Traditional Rulers Council. He wasn’t appointed by me.

In addition, the President-General is an Ibibio from Oku Ibom. They also had Vice President General I, who served as the Nkuku Annang, and Vice President General II, who served as the Ahta Oro.

“They claimed that for the purpose of competing at the national level, they would represent the Supreme Council of the Traditional Rulers.

The Traditional Rulers Council chairperson will now be rotated, as it has traditionally done. They accomplished this without my help.

“I want any traditional leader from any region of this state to courageously get out and claim he wasn’t there. The Paramount Ruler of Itu made just one proposal: that there should be a minor alteration, and that slight modification was properly received, resulting in the creation of the two additional offices (VPG 1 and VPGII).

“We needed to support it with the law in order to make it viable. Therefore, we had to talk when I arrived at the office. To become a law, the measure was brought to the House of Assembly.

The measure was presented to the House of Assembly, and from what I can tell, a public hearing took place.
“I returned yesterday and signed the measure into law once it was passed. That was only respecting our traditional dads’ desires. And I had anticipated a phone call from them thanking me for fulfilling their request. The bill was not created by me. That bill was not a part of mine.

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