federal government(FG) in collaboration with MTN has urged people and a number of organizations to work together in the battle against drugs

FG And MTN Collaboration Against Drugs Abuse

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In order to establish a drug-free state, the federal government(FG) has urged people and a number of organizations to work together in the battle against the epidemic of substance misuse.

President Bola Tinubu made this statement during the MTN Anti Substance Abuse stakeholders meeting, which was organized in recognition of World Drug Day in Abuja.
George Akume, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation of Nigeria, spoke on behalf of Tinubu and stressed the need of educating both oneself and others on the risks associated with drug misuse as well as the need to end stigma and prejudice. Our young must be given the information and skills necessary to make wise decisions about their life as well as the tools necessary to prevent falling prey to drug abuse.

“We must also help people who are battling drug addiction by giving them the assistance and therapy they need to kick the habit.

We come here to reaffirm our dedication to the fight against drug misuse and the use of illegal drugs.

The administration is dedicated to the idea of putting people first when it comes to drug prevention and treatment, the president reassured everyone in attendance.

Brig. Gen. Mohamed Marwa, chairman and CEO of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), responded by saying: “NDLEA remains committed to the fight against substance abuse and illicit drug trafficking.”To break up drug cartels, confiscate illicit substances, and prosecute offenders, we have stepped up our operations, developed our intelligence networks, and worked with national and international allies.

“31,675 drug offenders, including 35 females, have been charged in the preceding 29 months. Over 6252 tonnes of illegal substances have been recovered, and 5147 people have received prison sentences thus far. Some of the criminals who were charged with crimes surrendered their illegally acquired money to the government.

This, he continued, “is even as we continue to prioritize prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, making sure that people who have been harmed by drugs receive the assistance and care they require to reclaim their lives. To aid people with drug issues and their families, the NDLEA funded a drug abuse sport center with a 24/7 toll-free helpline, 0800 1020 3040.

“We must scale up this fight against illicit drug use as a matter of urgency,” said Dennis Okoro, director of the MTN Foundation. So that we can have a country free of drug misuse as soon as feasible. We need to start treating this problem like an emergency and responding accordingly.

A multi-sectoral project led by the MTN Foundation, the MTN Anti-Substance misuse Project (ASAP) aims to influence and make a substantial shift in the battle against substance misuse and addiction by providing interventions that will assist lower the rate of first-time drug abuse among young people.

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