Gen. Brice Oligui Nguema, the president of Gabon,

Gabon’s military leader Gen. Brice Oligui Nguema has given up his salary as President

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Gen. Brice Oligui Nguema, the president of Gabon, has renounced his pay and will henceforth only be paid as the commander of the republican guard.

He became the interim president following the overthrow of President Ali Bongo in August this year.

junta spokesperson in an announcement on Wednesday said Gen Nguema took the decision because he was “aware of the social emergencies and many expectations of the Gabonese people”.

“Each day that passes allows the [junta] to become more aware of the general state of deterioration of the country and of public finances in particular,” Col Ulrich Manfoumbi said in a report by the BBC.

The junta said the nation’s finances were “victim of a real criminal fury,” and suspicions of corruption and other financial scandals tarnished deposed President Bongo’s 14-year administration.

In addition to giving up his income as president, Gen. Nguema made the decision to cut back on public spending by eliminating political money, slashing parliamentarians’ allowances, and reducing session allowances.

According to reports, the most recent action appears to have given the Gabonese people renewed faith in the nation’s leadership.

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