Groups support Wike's destruction of Abuja land

Groups Support Wike Destruction Of Abuja Land

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Hundreds of protestors on Wednesday supported Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, in his threat to demolish illegitimate buildings in Abuja.

The organisations claim that the former governor of Rivers State was only giving Nigerians his word that he would restore the Abuja master plan in accordance with the law. When the minister threatened to tear down houses that were built unlawfully in the capital during a news conference on Monday at his new office in Abuja, he had ignited a firestorm.

Many inhabitants of the Federal Capital Territory were alarmed by the statement, believing that the former governor of Rivers would follow in the footsteps of previous FCT Minister Nasir El-Rufai, who destroyed numerous buildings in an attempt to sanitize the area in Abuja.

The Natives-affiliated demonstrators, however, supported Wike, arguing that the citizens of the Federal Capital Territory shouldn’t be alarmed by the minister’s purported threat of destruction.
The Natives’ coordinator, Edward Smart, told reporters in Abuja on Wednesday that Wike had just said what was evident.

Nigerians are being reassured not to be terrified. The nation must grow, and we will all need to give up something in the process. Wike poses no threat.
“Wike was merely insisting and stating that the proper thing be done,” he claimed.

Edward also gave the recently appointed ministers strict instructions to fulfill the President’s “Renewed Hope” program.

In addition, the organization encouraged the President to hold appointments accountable and to demand resignations from those who do not meet standards.

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