how some NRC employees lured us to board the train without tickets.

How NRC Employees Lured Us To Board Train Without Tickets

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On my way to Lagos from Ibadan today, some NRC employees lured us to board the train without tickets. Initially, they acted like they were taking us to the ticket counter, only for them to lead us to the railway without an official ticket.
They collected cash in transit.

On October 2, 2023, my friends and I were going back to Lagos after a weekend getaway in Ibadan.

We arrived at the train station around 3:40 p.m. While we were walking to the entrance of Obafemi Awolowo Train Station in Ibadan, a uniformed NRC official approached us.

He asked if I had the tickets, and I told him we were on our way to get tickets. He then asked how many we were, and I told him that we were five (5).

He told us to follow him. We were confident we could trust him because he was wearing a uniform and identified as a staff member.

My friends and I followed him, thinking he was leading us to the ticket counter, only for us to pass through screening and head towards the railway.

I immediately told him that we did not have tickets to board the train, but he said I shouldn’t worry that it would be sorted.

He handed me over to another uniformed staff who led us to Coach 7. I told the lady the same thing: we do not have tickets and she said she was aware and it would be sorted.

I was so uncomfortable and unsettled, so I asked two other people if they had tickets.

I discovered every single person onboard Coach 7 had no ticket and was lured in the same way.

At this time, I realized what was happening and became more uncomfortable.

I was about to step out to look for the ticket counter when I saw that time. It was 3:55 pm.

While pacing and looking for a staff member, I saw new people come onto the train and I approached one of them. I asked him if he had a ticket and he said yes. I asked him when he got the ticket and he replied, “Just now”

This ruled out my assumption that we were too late.

I saw the uniformed staff that led us onto the train and asked him about the tickets. His response was that we are a group of 5 so if we go to the counter to purchase the tickets we would not be able to sit together.

I was shocked. He couldn’t even make something believable.

I went back to my seat. I still had my money with me so I would wait and see what happens next.

A few minutes after the train started moving, they started collecting cash from people on Coach 7

I paid N18,000 cash for 5 persons

Over 60 persons paid N3600 each without tickets.

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