(COSEYL), an organization made up of Igbo youth has expressed disapproval over the alleged abandoning of Igbo natives in Sudan during an evacuation drill.

Igbo Youth Accuses FG Of Abandoning Igbos Native In Sudan

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Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL), an organization made up of Igbo youth, has expressed disapproval over the alleged abandoning of Igbo natives in Sudan during an evacuation drill.

The group also blamed Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman, of Nigeria in Diaspora Commission, NIDCOM, for the desertion. Some Igbo natives were seen stranded in Sudan in a viral video that went viral on social media yesterday. One of the natives described how they (the Igbo) were asked to disembark the flight so that Nigerians of other descent could board the aircraft for evacuation.

The Igbo native implored Igbo billionaires to help them in the video, and he also thanked Allen Onyema, owner of Air Peace Airline, for giving his plane for the evacuation.

The guy had remarked in Igbo: “You cannot blame Allen Onyema, because he has donated his aircraft, and does not know that his brothers are being abandoned in the evacuation exercise.”

But in response, COSEYL denounced the purported abandoning of Igbos in Sudan and called it evil and savage in a press release signed by its head, Goodluck Ibem.

“We condemn this act in its totality because it is brutal and depravity of the greatest caliber against humanity.

“It is disappointing and unfortunate. She was hired to carry out this horrible and unpatriotic crime against her fellow Nigerians, and it must never go unpunished.

“Abike has committed a national and international crime, and we demand that she be fired immediately, detained, and charged immediately.”

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