Alaba international Market is on fire

Lagos: Alaba International Market On Fire As Thus Kick Out

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It was reported that Alaba international Market is on fire and while Lagos state fire fighter are coming to help the market woman’s some Lagos thugs were at the scenes stoping the fire fighter vehicle from Starting the rescue operation.

Bases on the report given by Lagos state Inspector of police, he said “This is a false narrative! Acting on credible information, police officers from Ojo Division raided shanties around the market, arrested suspected criminals and recovered some weapons.

The shanties were thereafter set on fire. Alaba Int’l Market is NOT on fire!”

and others says “This is a serious lack of professionalism and inter-agency cohesion. How do you go about burning structures without informing the Fire Service.

They rightly raised alarm that led to the headline. So, it is the lack of cohesion bw agencies that is the problem.”

but the thugs where Arrested with some weapons used for the damages in Alaba international Market, Lagos state.

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