IGP directs Zonal AIGs and Command CPs to step up security in border states.

Niger Coup: IGP Directs Zonal AIGs And Command CPs To Step Up Police In border states.

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To ensure that there are no internal security issues brought on by the border closure with the Niger Republic Coup, the acting inspector general of police, Ag IGP Olukayode Adeolu Egbetokun, has ordered all commissioners of police and assistant inspector generals of police of border states with the neighboring Niger Republic to cooperate with sister agencies at the border.

Egbetokun made this statement at the strategy Police Managers meeting in August, which serves as a monthly platform for police strategy communication and engagement on the nation’s security situation.
In order to guarantee the deployment of sufficient troops for the preservation of internal security in such regions, he stated that the Nigeria Police Force will continue to monitor the circumstances in those locations.

Remember that seven states, including Katsina, Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, and Borno, share a border with the Niger Republic. The closing of the border as a result of the ECOWAS ultimatum to the military junta that toppled President Mohammed Bazoum’s democratically elected government is causing unrest in those regions.

The issuing of licenses for private persons has been halted in the nation due to the proliferation of weaponry, IGP Egbetokun also said at the meeting.

He noted, “What we are doing now is mopping up of arms,” claiming that there are too many weapons in circulation, which is a source of risk. For the time being, we are unable to afford to grant further licenses for gun ownership.

Egbetoken stated that the “issuance of licenses for arms to individuals has been suspended” after being reminded that this is due to the rising level of insecurity in the nation and the necessity by residents to defend themselves against criminal elements.

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