Obaseki is attempting to heavily blame Tinubu for his 'incompetence'

Obaseki Is Attempting To Heavily Blame Tinubu For His ‘Incompetence’-APC

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Dr. Blessing Agbomhere, the South-South Zonal Organizing Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has accused the governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki, of making a valiant effort to blame President Bola Tinubu’s government for his claimed over seven years of failure.
Agbomhere’s claim follows a statement attributed to the governor through his Special Adviser on Media Projects, Crusoe Osagie, that the Federal Government is to blame for the terrible condition of federal roads in the Edo state and the severe suffering experienced by the populace as a result of the removal of the gasoline subsidy, which caused the price of the necessary good to skyrocket.

However, in a statement he personally signed, the South-South Zonal Organizing Secretary of the APC claimed that “the Edo state governor has found a convenient way of putting the blame of his total failure on the less than three months old administration of President Tinubu which came into office with the road map of removing the burdensome fuel subsidy which has become a huge drain on the meager revenue of the federal government.”

Dr. Agbomhere asserted that the governor of Edo state has made no progress during his more than seven years in office and is instead preoccupied with highlighting Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s historic development achievements, such as the civil service secretariat, and making it appear as though it was his administration’s doing.

Despite taking office in 2008, when the state’s monthly revenue fell to N1.6 billion due to the global economic crisis and IGR was N30 million, bringing the total to N1.9 billion, he was praised for starting and finishing a number of road projects, including an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art Specialist Hospital.

He urged Governor Obaseki to demonstrate to the world his accomplishments “rather than the usual promises of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) which his government has been notorious for signing with fictitious entities with nothing to show for it.”

The process of transformation will soon begin with the screening and swearing in of cabinet ministers, which is anticipated in the coming days, so Dr. Agbomhere urged the Governor to stop inciting the people of Edo state against the administration of President Bola Tinubu, which he claimed has the key to transforming the Nigerian economy.

As he “is poised to surpass the feat achieved by legendary leaders such as Lee Kuan Yew, Mahatma Ghandhi, and Nelson Mandela,” he added President Tinubu needs a lot of support.

The APC South-South Zonal Organizing Secretary noted that President Tinubu is renowned for selecting the best human capital and using them to transform a challenging situation into a progressive and prosperous one as evident in his eight years as Governor of Lagos state. He claimed that never in the history of Nigeria has there been as much hope for a better country as there is at the moment.

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