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Ondo PDP: Nigerians Now Regretting Their Vote For Tinubu

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According to the People’s Democratic Party PDP in Ondo state, Nigerians who cast ballots for President Bola Tinubu are now regretting casting such a wasteful ballot.
In a statement released and signed by the party’s publicity secretary, Kennedy Peretei, Akure, its chairman, Fatai Adams, said that the short months the president has been in office had caused Nigerians immeasurable pain.

Adams was responding to Ade Adetimehin, the Ondo state chairman of the state’s ruling All Progressive Congress, who claimed that the PDP was defunct.

He said that instead, the APC and its inhumane administration were to blame for the misery and suffering endured by Nigerians over the last eight years.

He asserts that Adetimehin is likely the only one unaware of the reality that residents of Ondo State blame his party, the APC, and its inhumane government accountable for their pain and anguish over the previous eight years.

“Especially the removal of fuel subsidies and its biting effect on everyone,” Adams continued.

He is unaware that even those who were duped into voting for the APC in the general elections of 2023 are already regretting and bemoaning their error, which has caused them and their families enormous pain.

“Such a man should have been on his knees pleading with the people for the great misfortune orchestrated by his party, if he has any sense of shame and responsibility.

He said, “To now open his mouth in a most careless manner to say “PDP is now extinct” is not only laughable but mischief of the highest order.”

Adams responded to the party’s members joining the state’s ruling party by claiming that “the majority of the 203 Councillors Adetimehin is congratulating for joining his party have not been active in the past two cycles of elections in Ondo State.

Several of them have become members of the APC since 2016. Only someone like Adetimehin, who oversees a dangerously split APC in the State but deludes himself with fun-seeking decampees who tell him tales at moonlight, can comprehend how the defection of such persons translates to the PDP being extinct.

“A few individuals who are engaged in a self-destructive misadventure onboard Adetimehin’s sinking APC ship have alarmed the PDP in Ondo State.

While we sympathize with these people, it is awful to see folks who ought to be grieving dancing and celebrating. However, they will quickly realize that they were living a lie the entire time.

According to the party chairman, there are no evidence that the PDP is going extinct. And it never will be.

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