The Muslim , MURIC, was criticized by the Osun State government yesterday for attempting to spark a religious conflict in the region.

Osun State Cannot Be Divided By Religion: Osun Goverment

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The Muslim Rights Organization, MURIC, was criticized by the Osun State government yesterday for attempting to spark a religious conflict in the region. The administration claimed that the state’s peace-loving residents cannot be divided by religion.
It further said that the selection of commissioner nominations was based on qualifications and competence rather than any bias against religion.

In response to MURIC’s claims that Governor Ademola Adeleke is a CAN agent for appointing more Christians than Muslims to the list, the governor’s spokesperson, Mr. Olawale Rasheed, said in a statement that “His first appointees occupying commanding heights of the government were appointed not by religion but merit, competency, and conformation with his style of leadership.”

The same meritocracy premise, according to him, was used in the hiring of permanent secretaries, who serve as the ministries’ accounting officers. The numerous historic judgments made by Mr. Governor were also influenced by this principle of equality, fairness, and competence.

“After just eight months in office, the Governor has developed the practice of looking for the best natives who can help the coordinated efforts to free the state from the numerous difficulties of underdevelopment, a lack of infrastructure, and poverty.

“It should also be noted that the Governor’s strategy has been successful, as seen by the excellent delivery and performance that Osun natives both at home and abroad greatly praise.

Therefore, it is important to underline that no destabilizing force with nothing more than annoyance value disguising itself as a religious organization can use religion as a partisan tool to undermine and divert attention from a government that is working to right the wrongs of the recent past.

“Osun State is a highly intelligent society with a long history of religious concord and a strong awareness of the Governor as a global leader who has never and will never appease religious intolerance, ethnic partisanship, or irrational behavior.

“MURIC should search elsewhere for its extremist and polarizing products. Religious leaders in Osun are aware of and supportive of their Governor, and they constantly pray for him.

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