(UBTH) Association of Doctors has requested that the general public and their loved ones refrain from physically harming medical

Patient Relative Who Assult UBTH Doctor Tender Apology Letter

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The University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) branch of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) has requested that the general public and their loved ones refrain from physically harming medical professionals while they are on duty.
The group was responding to an apology made by one Ejike Madueke for attacking Dr. Oguogho Ebhodaghe while he was caring for a family member who had been transported to UBTH from an accident scene.

It was said that Madueke attacked the doctor for unknown reasons, and that it needed additional security people to subdue him.

However, Madueke said that the reaction he was receiving was not rapid enough while speaking to Vanguard on Monday from the police station. He said he regretted his behavior but that he was afraid that his brother could bleed to death.

He stated, “My brother was injured in a hit-and-run accident yesterday (Sunday) while crossing the street. We were present when the accident occurred, and he was severely bleeding. He was covered in blood when we brought him to the hospital. I didn’t mean to become upset, but I did since I was worried for my brother’s safety. But I pushed the doctor when it got intolerable for me. That is what took place.

But I regret what I did, and I’ve sent them a letter of apologies as well. I deeply regret what occurred.

In response to the situation, the association’s president, Dr. David Orhewere, asked the people to maintain their composure since physicians were there to help them. “As physicians, we are also Nigerians, we are also people, and we understand the suffering that society’s citizens experience. Since we are not God and cannot do miracles, please be patient with us when you bring your loved ones to us for treatment. However, do not interfere with our ability to complete what we can in the allotted amount of time.

The patient in question was already receiving care when the house officer threw a question at him and demanded to know what he was doing before jacking him from his position and ordering security to enter.

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