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Peter Obi Condemns False Media Reports Intended To Harm His Reputation

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Labour Party, LP member Peter Obi has denounced what he called a “emerging pattern” of false media reporting based on interviews and press statements he never gave.

Obi expressed sorrow at how far the politics of the country have descended, making media manipulation a lucrative business.

The LP presidential contender stated he will still keep discussing current national concerns with reputable news and media organizations.

The former governor of Anambra State said in a message posted on his verified Twitter account on Saturday that the Obidient Movement’s primary goal of building a new Nigeria would remain their major focus and that they would not be distracted by cheap trolls.

“I have observed with alarm an emerging pattern where fabricated media reports and news items are based on interviews and press statements I never granted,” the author said.

On a claimed Arise TV interview that never happened, I mentioned that I was excited to run for office in 2027 in two recent occasions. The second one talks about how I feel about potential federal government nominees. Both stories are false. Unfortunately, our politics have descended to such a pitiful level that the manipulation of the media is now a business.

“As for myself, I’ll keep discussing pressing national problems with reputable news and media outlets. But I’m not going to worry about those cheap distraction trolls.

My attention, as well as the Obidient Movement’s, will remain firmly fixed on the initial goal of building a new Nigeria, which we both feel is doable.

“Putting the country on the correct footing and strengthening our democracy by assisting in the uplift and empowerment of the oppressed in our society has never been our main focus. Our electioneering campaign messages were all issue-driven because of this.

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