Peter Obi, admitted that he spoke on the phone with, David Oyedepo, but he never referred to the 2023 election as a "religious war."

Peter Obi: I Never Said This Is A Religious War

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The Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, admitted that he spoke on the phone with the founder of Winners Chapel, David Oyedepo, but he never referred to the 2023 election as a “religious war.”
Obi claimed this on Arise Television on Monday, claiming that he contacted the clergyman to collect votes.

In April, an audio discussion between Obi and Oyedepo was released.
Following the release of the video, Obi had the audio doctored, claiming that he “never said, thought, or even imply that the 2023 election is, or was, a religious war.”

“Call it whatever you want to call it,” Obi remarked. Anyone can make of it what they will.

I am not a religious fanatic. Do you believe I can simply pick up the phone and say religious war’? No, I was begging the bishop to help me ask his people to vote, which I had been doing for six months,” Obi explained.

“I wasn’t saying “capture him,” “murder him,” or “force it.” I was practically begging. That demonstrates that I continued to beg for votes. We tried so many things, but they were all unsuccessful.

“Let me tell you, those who have attempted to influence Nigerians have done so. However, it is coming to an end. The people they have been exploiting are starving.

“They’ll soon figure out who the religious or tribal bigot is.” I am not one of them. I just showed you an example of how I constructed mosques. No non-Muslim governor has ever sent more people to Mecca than I have.

“I will never say that this election is a religious war.” Because it is not the case. There was a discussion. But I never said it was a religious conflict. For what purpose? People are all around me.

“If there was ever a case where a presidential candidate and his deputy worked as brothers, it would be me and Datti.” And I’m aware of that, and we never stop talking about it.

“For the first time in Nigerian history, we have a presidential candidate, running mate, and party chairman born after the country’s independence.”

“We must save this country, and he (Datti) understands my dedication to it.” I can’t accomplish all of this while fighting a religious war.”

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