I’m responsible man taking care of 20 women

Portable: I’M A Responsible Man Taking Care Of 20 Women

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Controversial Contrary to what many people believe, Nigerian musician Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, claims that he is “a responsible man.”

The Zazu singer made a reference to taking care of twenty ladies in a video posted on his social media platforms, in contrast to other guys who can hardly take care of one.

The singer of “Zazu” emphasized that ladies exclusively adore wealthy men and gave young men advice to start earning money before flirting, settling down with someone, or getting married.

“Some men can’t even take care of a woman, much less 20 women,” the father of five remarked. “I’m a responsible man,” he said. Who don’t fear women, fear. I adore females. I look after ladies. I like to hustle. I’m a romantic dude.

Before love, put money first. Women will chase after you if you have money. You will never be flawless if you lack money. Your concern would cause a disruption.

“Aim to be authentic. Work hard for yourself. Because of my future, I am accountable to myself, Portable continued.

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