It has has learned that President Bola Tinubu would today submit a fresh batch of cabinet nominations to the Senate for consideration.

President Bola Tinubu Order Evaluation Of N8,000 cash transfer

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In order to provide relief to the most vulnerable households, President Bola Tinubu has ordered that the proposed N8,000 conditional cash transfer scheme be evaluated right now.
The President also demanded that Nigerians be informed of the full scope of the government’s palliative measures, which are intended to lessen the impact of the reduction of subsidies, which has resulted in the high cost of goods and services.
These and other details were included in a statement released in Abuja Friday night by Mr. Dele Alake, Special Advisor to the President on Special Duties, Communication, and Strategy.

According to the statement, the President gave the Nigerian people assurance that the N500 billion granted by parliament to ease the pain caused by the end of the subsidy system will be wisely used.

He said that all Nigerians will receive the reliefs, regardless of their ancestry, religion, or political views.

You would concur with me that continual communication with the Nigerians who elected President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to office has become part of the administration’s ethos, the statement said. The President made a promise to Nigerians that their security and well-being would come first in his government’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

“Over the past several days, news reports about the government’s plans to start conditional cash transfers to vulnerable households—primarily those affected by the difficult but essential choice to withdraw gasoline subsidies—have flooded both traditional and new media channels.

As a government palliative to lessen the suffering being felt by Nigerians as a result of the loss of subsidies, the Federal Government is proposing to provide 12 million households from the lowest of the poor N8,000 monthly for a period of six months.

Not a few skeptics have read a lot of inaccurate imputations into the software. The Administration adheres to the adage that whenever there is a restriction, a provision must follow. Since the government eliminated subsidies, the hydra-headed monster that threatened to destroy the economy, Nigerians may now benefit from a wide range of relief measures.

While it should be noted that the cash program is not the only part of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s comprehensive package of relief measures, the President has issued the following directives as a listening leader who has vowed to always put Nigerians at the center of his policy and program: “That the N8,000 conditional cash transfer programd envisaged to bring succor to the most vulnerable households be reviewed right away. This is in remembrance of the opposition from Nigerians.

“That Nigerians be given access to the full range of the government’s palliative package.

“Immediate distribution of cereals and fertilizers to all 36 states and the FCT’s nearly 50 million farmers and families, respectively.

The President also assures Nigerians that the N500 billion granted by parliament to ease the suffering brought on by the end of the subsidy system will be wisely used. Regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or political orientation, Nigerians would receive the reliefs.President Bola Tinubu has vowed to always put the needs of Nigerians first, and he is unwaveringly dedicated to this commitment. This administration’s policies thus far have supported this position in a variety of ways.

You may remember that the President made a decision along these lines after hearing complaints from the business community and other stakeholders about onerous taxes, notably the multitude of levies they are forced to pay.

This called for the issuance of four (4) Executive Orders postponing the effective dates of some tax classes while canceling others.

The President has also established a Tax Reform/Fiscal Policy Committee to provide suggestions that would create a stable fiscal climate for the nation and eliminate impediments to business.

“I want to reassure Nigerians that President Tinubu will keep being a leader who listens and whose ears won’t be closed to the opinions expressed by the populace. The President has made it quite apparent that he thinks that the purpose of government is to serve the needs of the people.

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