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Pro-Chancellors Hail President Tinubu For Signing Student Loan

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On Wednesday, the Committee of Pro-Chancellors of Federal Government-owned Universities praised President Bola Tinubu for signing the Student Loan Act on June 12, 2023.

The committee established a committee to investigate the topic of university autonomy during its 99th regular meeting at its secretariat.

The gathering included pro-chancellors from 50 federal universities, according to The PUNCH.

Some of the topics covered during the meeting, according to a statement released by the Committee on Wednesday night, included the “state of affairs and wellbeing of the Nigerian university system, strategies for sustaining the proper conduct of academic activities in Nigerian universities.”

“The Pro-Chancellors salute the affirmation of Mr. President to uphold the sanctity of university autonomy and create the right and enabling environment for teaching, learning, and research,” the statement said in part. In order to maintain this vision and make sure that the current laws in this direction are rigorously enforced, CPC looks forward to working closely with the government.

“The CPC applauds Mr. President for agreeing to boost education funding. A convincing example of this is the new Students Loan Act, which was signed into law on June 11, 2023 and aims to open up university education to more eligible Nigerians. To perfect this innovative approach, CPC is looking forward to additional conversations with the Federal government.

“The Pro Chancellors urge Mr. President to find a prompt administrative solution to the lingering issue of the unpaid responsibilities to university workers beginning in 2022 in his capacity as Visitor to all the Federal Universities. The Federal Government Negotiation Committee was established by the previous government to resolve a number of problems brought up by University unions, and CPC requests that Mr. President review its unfinished report.
The Committee stated in its final statement that it “constituted two Ad-hoc Committees to deal with some thematic issues.”
The committees in question are the “Committee on Alternative Funding of Universities and Committee on University Autonomy.”

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