Raybaby said Burna Boy as his biggest musical

Raybaby: Burna Boy is my biggest musical inspiration

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The Grammy Award-winning Afro-fusion artist Burna Boy has been hailed as a “superior force” and Raybaby, a multi-talented Afrobeat phenomenon, has cited Burna Boy as his biggest musical inspiration.

Days after releasing the music video for “All Night,” one of the five songs on his newly released EP named “RayBaby,” Raybaby, who entered the music industry last year after securing a recording deal with Chris Million’s “Eagle Sign Records and management company,” made this claim. “My main musical inspiration is Burna Boy.

He is really talented and one of the superstars I would like to work with, remarked the budding star.

Last year, the singer also made “Best Guy” the title of his first song. He will soon control the nation’s airwaves with his unique style of music.

The Edo kid just told our reporter that it is time for him to reveal himself to the world.
The 20-year-old singer added, “It’s time for me to show the world the material I am made of.

When Raybaby was a secondary school student in Uromi, Edo State, he began singing. But in 2013, after overcoming a number of difficulties that nearly ended his career, he turned professional.

He explains, “When I was growing up, my dad took me to live with his medical buddy, separating me from my siblings. He wanted me to go into medicine. I was thus never alone in the house.

So, in order to pass the time, I started singing and listening to music. That’s how my love for singing first began to grow. Then, starting in 2008, I began developing the talent by swarming recording studios with artists like Peruzzi and Moko Beats, who was working as our producer at the time at Egbeda.

But I entered the music business professionally in 2013, the same year I launched my first record company, Sopay Entertainment. Unfortunately, the record label’s lack of expertise prevented it from surviving. To make ends meet, I quit my job in the music industry and started other enterprises with my brothers, such as importing gas cookers.

While he was lazing around, Raybaby claimed he understood that music was his calling and that he had to return to the studio to pick up where he left off. He is currently one of the hottest Afrobeat artists to keep an eye out for. He defined his musical taste as an amalgam of Afrobeats, RnB, and reggae. Raybaby desires more communication between musicians and their management. Additionally, he emphasized the necessity for Afrobeats musicians to collaborate in order to forward the cause of Nigerian music becoming a worldwide sensation. hip hop, too.

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