Small Doctor, and Portable, two self-described "kings of the street," have once more clashed after exchanging online tackles this week.

Small Doctor And Portable Clashing Online

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Adekunle Temitope, also known as Small Doctor, and Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, two self-described “kings of the street,” have once more clashed after exchanging online tackles this week.

They recently got into a fight because of something Small Doctor said in an interview that went viral throughout the week.

There is a concept known as self-acclaimed, and if Portable claims to be the “king of the street,” then he is. My boy has been portable. He called me out for once telling him he needed to cleanse his body since his skin wasn’t healthy. He said they intended to murder him with “packaging,” but he fled.

Small Doctor was accused of just wanting to “trend” with his name by Portable, who is always prepared to confront everyone who enters his path. “Street brother wants to use my name to trend,” he declared.

Don’t worry; just sit down and play. that begs for money on the street. Despite receiving my $100, he is still giving me advice. You can’t compete in my race. Even after washing his entire body, the street brother is still burned. Black is attractive. You purchase cream, while I secure ambassadorial agreements.

Keep in mind that the pair has a history of controversy. Portable said in December 2022 that Small Doctor encouraged audience members to assault him both during and after a performance at Lagos’ Agege Stadium.

However, other fans said that several showgoers were upset because Portable had released a video in which it asserted its superiority against Small Doctor.

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