protesters noted that they decided to hit the street to show solidarity with the President, Bola Tinubu, over the removal of fuel subsidy.

Subsidy: Protesters Storm Assembly To Meet Tinubu

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The protesters noted that they decided to hit the street to show solidarity with the President, Bola Tinubu, over the removal of fuel subsidy.

On Thursday, protesters in favor of the gasoline removal generate some little commotion at the Mopol gate, the primary entry to the National Assembly.

The demonstrators stated that they went on the streets to support President Bola Tinubu in his stand against the elimination of fuel subsidies.

The removal of the ‘canker worm’ that has eaten deeply into the economy, in the opinion of the demonstrators, was a wise move by the president.

The current 2023 budget that the President hinted at does not include a fuel subsidy scheme, as he stated in his inaugural address on May 29.

The price of gasoline was increased by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited and other oil marketers on Tuesday from approximately N537/litre to between N617 and N630/litre.

Concerns have been expressed about this development across the nation so far.

Sunday Attah, the convener of Stand Up Nigeria, responded to the petrol price increase by saying that the Tinubu-led administration had made the right decision and should be supported in achieving democracy’s benefits.

“The removal of the fuel subsidy, which President Bola Ahmed Tinubu announced on May 29, 2023, has been met with mixed reactions,” he stated.

“While some have praised it as appropriate and opportune, others have expressed concern that it may put the populace through more hardship.

You may recall that the President based the policy’s inability to be sustained on the fact that the 2023 budget did not include any funding for subsidy payments.

“Apart from that,” Attah continued, “the country was bleeding severely from several leakages brought on by corruption in powerful positions, notably among which are the claims on subsidy payments to numerous enterprises.

“After seeing the initial response to the policy, the ensuing panic buying, and other effects on Nigerians’ socioeconomic well-being, we believe the President did the right thing by eliminating the subsidy because the benefits exceed the drawbacks.

We have noticed that the lengthy lines that were initially present at the gas stations have vanished, making it simpler and more certain for individuals to get petroleum goods because they can now pull into filling stations and fill up without losing valuable time waiting in lines.

Attah cited the fact that the issue of gasoline scarcity and the difficulty it caused citizens as justification for eliminating the subsidy. As a result, individuals may now use their time for other beneficial activities.
“The opposition and those elements opposed to the measure should know that the election is over and that all hands must be on deck to support the government in doing what is right and in the best interests of the people of the country,” the organizer of the Pro-Tinubu rally continued.

“Previous administrations have tried to eliminate fuel subsidies, but they have failed because of opposition based on the false assumption that doing so will only result in a rise in fuel prices.

Additionally, there was a worry that the removal’s earnings would be misappropriated and not reach their designated recipients.

But President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has demonstrated his integrity by using the cash for national development, and he has also promised a variety of palliatives to lessen the effects of the rise in fuel prices, continued Attah.

“We think additional steps would be taken that would convince Nigerians to accept the rise in the cost of petroleum products as a necessary cost of expanding the economy.”

“Nigerians would start to see the positive effects of subsidy removal by the time the funds freed from subsidy removal are appropriated and plowed back into the economy and all sectors begin to witness quantum growth,” he said.

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