William Ruto and Moussa Faki on peace talk between Israel and Palestine

William Ruto and Moussa Faki have called for peace between Israel and Palestine.

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Kenyan President William Ruto has urged Israel and Palestine to respect civilians’ rights and abide by international law. He also called for an end to violence.

“In consideration of the complex and delicate context of the security situation in Israel-Palestine, Kenya also makes a call for the de-escalation of violence and urges all parties to restrain from further military action, given its potential to intensify carnage and the suffering of innocent civilians, and to trigger heightened tension in the region and beyond,” Ruto added

Meanwhile, The head of the African Union Commission has called for a cessation of hostilities between Israeli forces and Hamas.
In a statement on Saturday, Moussa Faki Mahamat called on both parties to return to the negotiating table without preconditions to implement the principle of two states living side by side.

African Union Commission chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat
Image: AU

The statement said, “The chairperson wishes to recall that denial of the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people, particularly that of an independent and sovereign State, is the main cause of the permanent Israeli-Palestinian tension.”
Faki urged the global community, especially major world powers, to take responsibility for enforcing peace and protecting the rights of both peoples. Over the weekend, Palestinian militants from Gaza launched a significant armed attack on Israel, breaching the Gaza-Israel barrier and gaining access to border crossings, nearby cities, military bases, and civilian settlements.

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