A nigerian rapper, known as Kerno reaction to Wizkid's recent social media statement, in which he asserted that rap music is dull and dead.

Wizkid’s comments is addressed by rapper Kerno in a new song.

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Nwatu Kennedy Uchechukwu, also known as Kerno, a Nigerian hip-hop musician, has recently released a potent new tune that rekindles the essence of Hip-Hop rap music. This song is a reaction to Wizkid’s recent social media statement, in which he asserted that rap music is dull and dead.

Kerno didn’t spend any time in writing the insightful rap “You Dey Hear.” He posted a statement on his Instagram page that acts as both a wake-up call and an insult to Wizkid and African musicians, indicating the return of Hip-Hop to the Nigerian rap scene.

I guess I shouldn’t have left the crown with these young kids, says one of the song’s sad lines, “I know it probably feels like hip hop is dead when the kings take a break.” Wizkid and other rappers who have switched to singing were the obvious targets of Kerno’s remarks, which emphasized the value of adhering to the original aesthetic.

Kerno announces, “This is big bad news for those who don’t like us (HipHop),” continuing his lyrical assault. Hip-hop’s attempts to dissuade me simply strengthened my resolve. I return like Jesus when you think I’m exhausted. Now that you all have a good tape to play, you may use scissors to cut theirs.

Kerno’s courageous answer will undoubtedly win him the respect and appreciation of renowned rappers like Sarkodie, Nasty C, M.I. Abaga, Vector, and Olamide who have persistently supported the genre. They will undoubtedly admire Kerno’s daring and his unwavering commitment to bringing back real Hip-Hop.

Kerno’s most recent release demonstrates that hip-hop is still alive and well and maintains its importance in the Nigerian rap industry. As Kerno establishes himself as a powerful force in the Hip-Hop community, both fans and critics anxiously anticipate the impact of this daring musical statement.

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